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WEIGHT LOSS& Body Contouring

On the Scales

Weight Loss

Healthy Food

Lose 20-35 pounds in 6-8 weeks!

As a patient on one of our Doctor Supervised Programs, you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings.

Many of our female clients lose between 2-3 sizes (20+ lbs.), and many of our male clients will lose 25-35 pounds, in about 42 days! 


These results have been accomplished by using and adhering to our comprehensive, Metabolic Reset Program.

 Call our office today to schedule your risk-free  no obligation consultation!

What sets our products and services apart from the rest?

Our Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive approach to both weight loss and weight management.


Our metabolic reset weight loss program is not a fad diet!  It is based on and developed around the 4" gold standards" of weight loss: dietary and behavioral modification, nutritional supplementation and exercise (when appropriate).


With Our program, there are no nasty meal replacement shakes or bars, no prescription drugs, no stimulants and no surgery! You eat real food purchased from your local grocery store!


Our Nutritional support formula is designed to work hand in hand with specific blends, ratios and amounts of low glycemic/ anti-inflammatory foods.


Here are a few of our safety parameters...


Our Metabolic Reset Program is Doctor Supervised and all participants are pre-screened for complicating factor, poor prognostic and contraindication.


Our program is NOT a " Protein only " , and NOT " Low Carb " .


We provide the "re-feeding component" where our metabolic reset weight loss clients are then transitioned back to a normal healthy lifestyle.



We provide the detailed  instructions, guidelines, strategies and tools to increase the likelihood of long term weight loss sucess.



Ever had a urine test?

Typically a doctor’s office or a hospital visit we have had a test called a Urine Test, often a quick urine dip stick test is routinely performed to screen for serious diseases like diabetes, liver and kidney disease and cancers.


  • Did you know urine is able to give much more information than that?

There is a unique test that can be done to give more information. It is possible that a urine test can be done to show how a person system is working to maintain healthy balances and identify what areas are needing to be improved. Its epi-genetics, showing the body weakness and strengths from the environment in which you live.


This test is called an Integrated Urine Panel or an IUP. What is the Integrated Urine Panel?

It is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt, and to manage their greatest pre-disposition towards the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.  Essentially the IUP is a “Body Audit” that tells a patient where they are spending their energy and resources, reveals the underlying causes and provides insight as to the correct treatment to restore normal function, in an attempt to prevent disease.


The results of an IUP can reveal answers to questions that determine how well or how poorly your system is adapting to the physical, chemical, emotional and nutritional stresses that underlie your condition:

  • Are you using the food/fuel you eat?

  • Are you adequately digesting the food you eat?

  • Are you absorbing and using the nutrients digested?

  • Are you getting rid of the body’s waste properly?


The Integrated Urine Panel is different than the hospital urine dipstick test, that test typically is used as a screening test. The IUP is different, it is composed of a series of over two dozen chemical tests and correlations that are unique and often too complicated and time consuming for a hospital to run.  A test sample is sent to a lab and evaluated. The results are then reported back to your doctor for the patient and doctor to go over in a consultation. Evaluation of Physical and Nutritional stresses are often reviewed. Recommendations may be made about diet to lifestyle or nutrition or natural supplement and the test is re run at an interval of weeks to months, for the purpose of showing improvement or changes for the patient in the comparison of the original test results.


Would you like to know how your body is handling things?   How it is adapting and managing the physical, chemical and emotional stresses that we all face every day.  It could be a predictor of possible health issues well before they manifest into a symptom that may progress further into a serious, chronic condition. This truly is Epigenetic testing at its finest. Are you feeding your genetic weakness or genetic strengths?


Dr Angela Mawson DC, CME, CAP utilizes IUP testing for some of her chiropractic patients and all of our weight loss clients with The Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program this is to assure their program



To Know Is To Know To Not Know Is To Guess!!

Test Tubes
body sculpting




Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our office is able to help clients lose inches from unwanted areas and improve skin overall appearance and texture, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite treatment of problem areas including buttocks and thighs. 


-Abdomen/Stomach area




-Flank/love Handles

-Bra Fat


-Non-invasive Face-lift

This technology specifically targets these areas to melt away the excess fat that you're wanting to lose, resulting in a tightening of these areas and losing inches. These technologies include:

-High Intensity Light-Lipo Light


Harnesses the energy of light to shrink targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body. These technology emit high levels of light energy, which trigger a chemical signal in the fat cells, releasing the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol through channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to create energy, during post treatment exercise, which ensures the the metabolization of the contents of the targeted fat cells. LED light to help naturally slim, shape and tone areas including the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. It's unique wavelength of light stimulates fat cells to release some of their contents, which is then easily metabolized or eliminated by the body.

The end result is a better looking body, being able to wear smaller sizes and compliments extremely well with our Doctor Supervised  Metabolic Reset Program.

However, you may choose to use our body sculpting technology separately.

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